Bandcamp Rebrand

Recognition: Creative Communication Award 2023;
ArtCenter Student Gallery SP23;
Shortlisted in Communication Arts Design Annual 2023;

Project Brief:

Bandcamp is an artist-centered music community and online record store. They are dedicated to supporting indie music and young artists’ career. Often misunderstood as an alternative streaming platform, Bandcamp needs to separate itself from its competitors, communicate its mission better, and attract more listeners and artists to join its community.

Logo Animations ↓

Main Identity  Posters ↓

The new identity gain inspirations from vintage poster aesthetic, to stress the intimatate interaction between artists and their audience. It also seperates bandcamp with its main competitor’s style which is very vector-based and precisely drawn.

Artists Campaign Posters ↓

The second series of posters are designed for artists and albulms featured on Bandcamp’s website. The typography used in these posters is more vibrant and expressive, aiming to create a festive atmosphere.

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