Materializing Memory

Communication Arts Typography Annual 2024

Project Brief

This is a hypothetical group exhibition. Artists in the exhibition include: Doris Salcedo, Ibrahim Mahama, Theaster Gates, Francis Alÿs, Mona Hatoum, He Xiang Yu, Michael Armitage, and Darren Almond.

Exhibition Concept:

History is written by the victors. What a culture chooses to memorialize is bound up with the prevailing hegemony: contemporary historians have begun to privilege memory in the form of personal testimonies and oral histories as a corrective to the narrative of power.  Artists also have an important role in voicing silenced or contested memories, while art’s ability to collapse historical time allows us a fresh perspective on the sweep of history.

Working in a range of mediums, including video, sculpture, installation, photograph and painting, these artists are unified by their distinctive practices that poetically balance politics and aesthetics, producing works that have historical as well as personal resonance.

Exhibition Catalogue Format: 

Hard cover
Printed on cloth

7.2*10 inches
176 Pages

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