Graphic & Motion

01. Bandcamp      Brand Identity,  Motion

A hypothetical rebranding project for Bandcamp, which is an artist-centered music community and online record store.

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02. Birdhouse        Packaging, Illustration

Birdhouse is a hypothetical company dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly brand for beloved pet birds.

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03.  Asian American Media Center (WIP)    Brand Identity

Asian American Media Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible.

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04.  Materializing Memory     Book Design

A hypothetical group exhibition. Artists in the exhibition include: Doris Salcedo, Ibrahim Mahama, Theaster Gates, Francis Alÿs, Mona Hatoum, He Xiang Yu, Michael Armitage, and Darren Almond.

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05.  Träge Grotesk    Font Design, Print

Träge Grotesk is an extended typeface with low contrast, trying to combine the structural elegance of Akzidenz Grotesk and the bold, evenly-stroked aesthetic of early wood types.

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06. 3D Motion

Contains two pieces of short 3D films.
I. All the World’s a Stage
II. Childhood Drawings

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